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Event Professional Education and Skills with Bradley Cocks

24 March 2023 Endless Events

The pandemic put a strain on everyone in the events industry, and it’s pushed some of our longest-serving professionals into other careers or even retirement, leaving a vacuum for other. ~ Read more ⊳

SIAL America 2023 Kicks Off in Las Vegas

24 March 2023 Smart Meetings

Largest F&B trade show showcases latest innovations and products Pickled-flavored products, creature comforts from mac n’ cheese to fried chicken and doughnuts to an incessant yearning for all things spicy thanks to heat-obsessed consumers—these topics and many others will be top-of-mind at the largest F&B trade show in the country next week. ~ Read more ⊳

Event Branding 101: The 2023 Guide to Creating a Strong, Memorable Identity

24 March 2023 Mentorifi – the Learning Hub | Eventible

Event branding is all about creating a lasting impression on your audience. ~ Read more ⊳

Meeting Profs Travel Report: Can ‘Broken’ U.S. Airlines Be Fixed? Senate Hearing Spotlights Consumer Frustrations, Airline Accountability

23 March 2023 Smart Meetings

In a recent Senate Hearing, consumer advocates and airline industry professionals met to discuss how to "fix" a broken airline industry. ~ Read more ⊳

In the Cloud We Trust

23 March 2023 Smart Meetings

How secure is your cybersecurity program? An cybersecurity expert Ari Schwartz discusses the best practices meeting planners should consider in 2023. ~ Read more ⊳

10 Awesome Hidden Gems in Washington, DC

23 March 2023 Peerspace

Washington DC’s major attractions are among the most recognizable in the country: the Lincoln Memorial, the Washington Monument, and the Smithsonian Institution. ~ Read more ⊳

10 Awesome Hidden Gems in Southern California

23 March 2023 Peerspace

Home to world-class cities like Los Angeles (the country’s second-most populous city) and San Diego (eighth on that list), sunny Southern California — otherwise known as SoCal — is an enormously bustling go-to destination. ~ Read more ⊳

9 Cool Retreat Activities in Los Angeles to Bond Your Team

23 March 2023 Peerspace

On the lookout for the coolest retreat activities in Los Angeles to bring your team together? Makes sense to us! Los Angeles is a sprawling city with dozens of cool neighborhoods to explore. ~ Read more ⊳

9 Cool Retreat Activities in San Francisco to Bond Your Team

23 March 2023 Peerspace

Looking for special retreat activities in San Francisco to bring your team closer together? We get it. ~ Read more ⊳

9 Cool Retreat Activities in Miami to Bond Your Team

23 March 2023 Peerspace

Looking for retreat activities in Miami to bring your colleagues together? With its stunning beaches and lively nightlife, there’s no lack of things to do in Miami outside of the office. ~ Read more ⊳

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